What Clients Are Saying About Lori...

"After working with Lori, I felt validated in my feelings.  It was powerful that what I actually was feeling was true. When I exposed her to my team at KB Building Services I think we experienced alignment and connection as a team at work. Our people LOVED the experience and are wanting more. We can't wait to have Lori help us learn and grow.


DJ Rezac
President KB Building Services, Inc

"It is interesting in life how the most obvious things can elude us for so long. What we think we know and then with the slightest mind shift our world opens to a new perspective and wonder how we could of been in the dark so long.

My dad split when I was very young, same story as many. Single mom raising three small kids with very little support. It's a struggle, it's a story sadly more typical than should be, but really many have the same narrative.

My entire life I thought was built in some way on that fact that I became who I am because my father left. I will never need a man to support me, I can always take care of myself, and I will be an overachiever to prove to my father and the world that I am worthy. I should not have been discarded.I should have been cherished. Built in angst to achieve. Prove I am special and I deserved to be loved. I get this. I came to terms about it a long time ago. So I thought.

I am on the tale end of the divorcing process. I say progress because it is a process. Three years and counting of the most emotional upheaval and distraught period of my entire life. This process has taken me emotionally to such dark places I can only hope there is some beneficial growth in the end. Honestly I don't think I could wish this pain on anyone, even people I don't like. I’m hoping there will be rebirth with this long walk through hell. It is essentially living through you own death without the benefit of dying.

I didn't mean to rant so long, but its part of the story. Struggling to discover what happened, and why my marriage needed to end. I sought the help of many therapists and advisors of all types. I am unafraid to try anything that might help me discover why. And how can I heal, learn, grown and not make the same mistakes again.  I have journaled, meditated, I have read dozens of books, I have been hypnotized and all of it has helped meheal.

What I never expected to discover is my own faulty thinking about how to be in a relationship with a man was not the (entire) fault of my father leaving, but the engrained passive learning from my mother. She is selfless to a fault, I learned to be selfless from her, which is an admirable trait to have, but it can leave you open to being a doormat. Sadly much of the world is takers and not givers. We need more givers. I think the world would be a better place. But if you give to the point of losing yourself its not healthy.

Interestingly enough I don't do this to the extreme in other relationships work, social etc. just with love. I give to the point that I’m doormat, pleasing, hoping for love and mostly the wrong person has been receiving. I think subconsciously this is what I learned from my mother. Love means you need to give up anything you want that doesn't coincide with the man you love. I hope you can understandhow unhealthy this type of thinking/ being can be, hence the unhappiness in love relationships. The imbalance and complete submission is very unhealthy for an independent thinker. This imbalance in power is dangerous on my soul. I give and give and give and receive nothing, or close to nothing, which just makes me think I should give more so they will love me.  You can hopefully appreciate this unhealthy circle of relationship doom.

I credit my ongoing transformation to many. I am fortunate to have amazing friends, and truly gifted therapists who have cast my eye of the obvious but what was still obscured for my myopic viewpoint. My father was not a good parent, but my mother was not a good teacher of how to be a women. We can only grow once we become aware, I’m in the process of growing, It's a challenging transformation, its uncomfortable, it works in many ways against my engrained nature to give until I’m a doormat. But much like learning to walk I must take all the unconfortable steps and fall often, because life crawling on the ground is not longer an acceptable option.

I can only trust the future will be better standingupright."

Comedian in LA

"When I first met Lori I was working multiple jobs for people I didn't care for and who didn't respect me back. I was married in a dead-end relationship to a wonderful man but neither of us were honoring what we truly wanted out of life in order to be together. I had neglected my dreams of dancing and performing professionally to do exactly what my parents and closest peers were doing, settling unhappily in sedentary-suburbia. Through sessions and lessons from Lori, I have been given a second chance at life. I'm learning to take accountability for myself, and to get real about what I want and how I get there.   Some of the biggest shifts came when I decided to get a divorce and move to a bigger city to dance.  If you had told me even four months earlier that that was my plan, I wouldn't have believed you. Fast forward a year later, I am now a single mom to the biggest blessing I could have ever hoped for.  I didn't recognize it at the time and again would have never believed my life would bring me here, yet this is what I've always wanted in the recesses of my heart.
As I write this I am recognizing where I'm not applying all of the lessons I have been given. It's easy to fall into traps and illusions our minds create to believe our lives have to unfold in a specific way. Lori is constantly helping her students shatter our presets and see new points of view, but sometimes it takes deep introspection to get to the core and fully conceptualize what she is trying to get us to understand. Without Lori as my mentor there is no way I'd even scratch the surface of my false perceptions, but I'm beyond thankful that she calls me out, even when I'm the only one to blame for my thoughts, behaviors, or circumstances.

Lori as far as being a psychic.. She has been spot on on so many things, but these are the ones that really stand out to memory...

Doctors and medical professionals diagnosed, treated and convinced me that  I had an incurable disease. Lori kept saying that it didn't resonate. A couple months later we found out that I had been misdiagnosed. If I hadn't pushed the issue due to lori's guidance we would've never found out it was a misdiagnosis.
Through sessions with Lori I've  learned that some people come into your life to clear up energy from past lives you've shared together. There have been quite a few instances where we will clear a lifetime  and people either completely change how they relate to you, or totally fall out of your life. It's interesting to have a session and then observe how it will change your day to day life.

I have suffered with severe acne my entire life. I was on Accutane three times, tried over-the-counter and prescription products. Totally changed my diet, and still couldn't stave off the breakouts. Lori cleared a few past lives and some energy, and my skin has made a total 180. I will still break out from time to time but it is almost always energy related, we can find it relatively quickly and reverse it.

One time she asked me if two people who were very close to me at the time were intimate. Over the next two years she would asked me the same question from time to time. Finally three years later these two admitted to me that they had recently been interested in each other and had been hanging out. If I bring it up now Lori doesn't remember asking about it so early on."

Kayla S.

"When the Student is ready, the Teacher appears. I am so grateful. I am more alive and enlightened. Lori is a gentle, yet powerful soul.  I so appreciate her honesty and desire to help others remove the muck and mire that keeps us from moving forward on the journey"

Charlotte, NC

"Lori was able to reach me in ways that other intuitives couldn't touch. She was able to reach back into my past and find what was holding me back. She has brought back a glow to my life. So much that people have told me that I finally look rested. Thank you, Lori!"

Fort Mills, SC

"When I first went to see Lori, I was skeptical. However, after a few minutes I was able to ascertain her amazing psychic aptitude. She was able to recount my recurring nightmares without any probing and even was able to mention my obscure weakness for french fries as well as well as tendencies in romance. She could even tell me when I was going to meet my next boyfriend, and she was correct. I've been recommending her for years to friends and will continue to do so."

Omaha, NE